To move vehicles up to 4 tons

CarMover is the ideal tool for moving vehicles up to 4 tons on flat surfaces such as asphalt, car parks, warehouses and body shops with concrete or resin floors.

CarMover allows the movement of vehicles thanks to the lifting of the two front wheels.

Thanks to its electric motor, CarMover is perfect for working in confined spaces and facilitates operations without requiring any effort from the operator.

Why You Should Choose Carmover

It allows vehicles to be parked very close to each other, without wasting space
It can overcome small obstacles
It does not release exhaust fumes and can be used in body shops or warehouses
It is very easy to use

Operating principle of the CarMover

The working principle of the CarMover requires the trolley to slide under the vehicle to lock the two front wheels with the hydraulic locking mechanism.

A command which allows the two front wheels to be lifted is then activated.

The vehicle is now ready to be moved

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