Radio-controlled tracked machine for towing vehicles

TowTrack is a tracked tow truck for picking up road vehicles up to 2.2 tons.

The tracks guarantee stability on all types of terrain and thanks to its small size it can be loaded onto a truck together with its load.

Thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions, this unique tool allows you to move stuck vehicles without having to tow them, but by lifting them completely: it is therefore essential in the recovery of electric and automatic vehicles.

Why You Should Choose TowTrack

It can move on any type of terrain
This unique machine allows you to stand out strongly in the market
It can be loaded onto a truck with its cargo
The remote control allows you to work in safety, without needing to get close to the vehicle that needs to be lifted.

The optionals available with TowTrack

4.5 ton winch

Customizable paint

Snow shovel (for ski resorts)

Non-marking tracks

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